REDUCE YOUR PAINCheck it out!! Love Love Personal Testimonies! Whole Body Cryotherapy really does work! It can make a difference in YOUR day to day routine! You don't always have to "get by" or "suffer through".. 3 minutes a session can significantly reduce the pain and inflammation your body won't let go of!
You have a choice, Be Better for You and give it a try!
Thank you so much Lynda & Linda! & Jaken too!Posted by ELGIN CRYO on Tuesday, February 13, 2018

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Featured Customer

 Christy Murphy Goodin {Facebook}

I was skeptical about the cryotherapy, but after my first appointment that changed. I have been dealing with plantar fasciitis for several months. I limp around first thing in the morning in pain. After my workouts it comes and goes. I had my first treatment yesterday and woke up this morning with NO pain! I definitely recommend it. Don't forget to get an aqua massage while you are there. It feels fabulous and very relaxing.

Christy Murphy Goodin {Facebook}

Happy Customer

Happy Customers

Carrie is wonderful, she makes you feel very comfortable from the first time you walk in. I first went to Elgin Cryo when my daughter was injured, it really decreased her healing time. I decided to freeze just because I was there anyways, I was curious. I felt so much better, I have continued to go. The sauna is very relaxing as well. Carrie keeps it where it is a very friendly atmosphere and will answer any questions.

Jennifer Taylor {Facebook}

I was a bit skeptical (& a little scared since cold tends to make me hurt, as a rule) but I was beyond thrilled I finally tried it! I noticed a HUGE difference immediately following the very first session....I had tons of energy, my depression & anxiety disappeared & my pain level went so far down, that it was barely noticeable! And my results didn't fade in a few hours or even a few days! I suffer from lupus, fibromyalgia, migraines, depression, chronic fatigue syndrom, extreme anxiety attacks & Raynaud's syndrome. To date, I have had 3 sessions & am still feeling like a million bucks :) And the staff goes above & beyond at all times

Kara Spencer

I am so thankful that I found Elgin Cryo! Carrie put me at ease from my first visit. I threw out my back at the gym and the doctor told me it would take 4-6 weeks to heal with rest, muscle relaxers, and steroids. I was feeling nothing but sleepy and still in significant pain. I felt relief from my very first session. I hurt myself 2 weeks ago and I'm 75% recovered already. The Cryo sessions made it possible for me to get back to caring for my 2 little ones faster. Thanks Carrie!

Hannah Bliley {Facebook}

I was really hesitant about trying Cryo. After my first experience, I am a believer that it works. The days after my first treatment were amazing at how my joints felt, how my muscles recovered, and how different my metabolism felt. I am very in tune with my body, so I know it made a difference. Staff is super nice and helpful.

Holly Wavra Camping

Today was my third session. It's unbelievable how much better I feel. I was fighting a cold and it kicked my immune system into overdrive and I kicked it fast. I've also tried the aqua massage and the compression on my legs. I feel better and it helps with recovery after riding. I highly recommend Cryo. Also, they are super nice folks.

Helena John

I was so worried about my first time using Cryo that I dragged a friend along with me. The entertainment factor of going with a friend is so worth it. But stepping out of the machine a feeling pain free for the first time in almost 2 years was huge bonus! Look forward to continuing on my road to recovery.

Lynda Quade Lowinski

Great Therapy and Service with a SMILE

Conny Finch {Facebook}

Thank you Elgin Cryo!! Because of you I have no back pain and had a great nights sleep last night!!

Janelle Marr

I tried out the Normatec recovery system after a 5 mile run & was amazed at how great I felt after my session. I would defiantly recommend this!

Craig Shyra Howard {Facebook}


Kari is amazing and stats with you the whole time. I was a little nervous but she is so genuinely kind and calm. She explained everything and talked to me the whole time making the 3 minutes go by. I highly recommend her facility it is cozy, relaxing, and spotless.

Stephanie (Google)

Ever since I tried Cryo therapy after a training session with my friend Jarrod Trotter, I've been a big believer of the awesome magical power that is cryo therapy! I'm so happy that there is a cryo chamber close to where I live and Train! The staff was very helpful, informative and overall great! I'll definitely be back alot, especially if I have a big tournament or fight coming up! Thank You Elgin Cryo, you guys are awesome!!

Jeremiah P Mendez {Facebook}


Real helpful and kind staff. Service was quick and they had several package options to meet our needs.

Douglas MacGregor {Facebook}

Carrie was awesome and the treatment made my son feel so much better!

Cynthia (Google)