NormaTec - Feel the Difference at Elgin Cryo

Elgin Cryo offers the advanced technology of NormaTec, an innovative and cutting edge system that helps restore you to optimal performance. We know you train hard and need the very best in compression devices to accomplish your training and lifestyle goals. Our systems are equipped with a digital control panel and attachments for the legs, arms, and hips. The patented pulse technology is made with you in mind. To keep you at peak performance and help you recover quickly, we at Elgin Cryo recommend NormaTec.

How Does NormaTec Work?

NormaTec is designed to help you keep winning after intense training, running, cycling, and other forms of intense moving. Created to enhance blood flow and speed up the recovery of your muscles, NormaTec uses compressed air to massage your limbs. Once you start the system, it will pre-inflate the attachments in order to form to your exact body specifications. As the session begins it will start compressing your feet and hands to get the blood moving working its way up zone by zone. Depending on what you target, the "kneading" and "stroking" like a massage will continue up and down each segment of the limb first pulsing then releasing. NormaTec's Pulse Massage Pattern uses three techniques to ensure your fast recovery:

PULSING: Rather than squeeze each limb or use static compression, to move fluid throughout the limb the system uses Sequential Pulse Technology to more effectively mimic the muscle pump of the legs and arms,to better enhance the movement of the blood.

GRADIENTS: Similar to your lymphatic vessels and veins that use one-way valves to prevent the back flow of fluid, the NormaTec Pulse Technology uses hold pressure to ensure that fluids do not flow in the wrong direction. Due to this technology the PULSE and PULSE PRO deliver maximum pressure in every zone rather than tapering off pressure.

DISTAL RELEASE: Extended squeezing (static pressure) can be harmful to your body’s circulatory flow, that is why NormaTec Sequential Pulse Technology releases the pressure holds when they are no longer needed to prevent the back flow of fluid. Every portion of your limb gets the most rest time without a significant pause between compression cycles when the hold pressure is released as soon as possible.

Benefits of NormaTec

For athletes or the intensely active person, NormaTec can provide an array of health benefits. At Elgin Cryo located in Elgin, OK we have a professional staff that can help you use NormaTec and start the process of restoring your muscles and recover from an intense work out, training session , or active lifestyle. The benefits of NormaTec include:

• Increased blood flow and circulation
• Decrease in muscle tension and inflammation
• Supports a wider range of motion
• Boost in endorphins
• Improve skin appearance

You can train harder and recover quicker with NormaTec systems at Elgin Cryo. Call us or schedule your appointment online today. Restore, Revitalize, Recover.