Embrace Aqua Massage at Elgin Cryo

Aqua Massage at Elgin Cryo in Elgin Oklahoma, provides you a full body massage that you have full control over. If you are suffering from aches, pain, stress, tightness in your muscles, or simply need some relaxation, the aqua massage is for you. Aqua massage provides you the comfort of a massage without the discomfort of having to remove your clothing, touching, getting wet or talking. Remove your shoes, set the bed to adjust for your height, grab a pair of sound cancelling headphones and you are on your way to pure bliss.

Our aqua massage is a relaxing massage bed with 36 different water jets and 7 pre-set programs. Lay face down and the spray bar will travel up and down the body massaging the full length of the body or if you've programmed it to target a specific area, the spray bar will move and work in that area.

Benefits of Aqua Massage

Aqua massage is an easy way to relax and unburden your body and mind for a few minutes. At Elgin Cryo our beds are brand new and properly maintained to provide you with the most relaxing experience. Some of the benefits of aqua massage include:

Increased blood flow and circulation
• Decrease in muscle tension and inflammation
• Supports a wider range of motion
• Boost in endorphins
• Maximizes relaxation

Our mission is a healthier you. Enjoy your privacy and these benefits when you call or schedule your appointment online with Elgin Cryo in Elgin, OK.